Youth Association

                   The utility, creativity and the trust to achieve are best seen in the youth with the ultimate aim of making use of the positive qualities of the youth. The Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church in Malankara started an association for youth. Since the parish in an integral part of the church here also the youth association was formed in the year 1990 under the president ship of the then vicar Kattupadathachan.
                   The ultimate aim of the youth association in this parish is to reveal the true spirit of Christianity through its various activities organized in the parish every year. The association gives prominent position to the spreading of internal gospel service. The hosts of charitable activities are encaged every year for the poor and needy based on the command of our lord Jesus “what you do to these poor are things done for me”. Really this organization working as the true implementation agency of all missionary and charity of the church. The association is registered with the central youth association and the register no: is ER 128/90, all male members between 18 years to 35 years are the members of this association among the members 40 youth have fully dedicated themselves to execute , implement and design the activities of the association every year.

Youth Association Members

Pravasi Members