Vanitha Samajam

                  The role of women in the spreading of gospel has been there since the inception of the church. The first gospel was speech by Mary of Magdalena to the disabler that lord Jesus was resurrected from the death. Since then the role of women in the church has been recognized . Based on this reality Marthamariyam Vanitha Samajam was formed in malankara jacobite Syrian orthodox church. Being an active member of church Marthamariyam Vanitha samajam was started in this parish also in 1969 under the entire leadership of Rev. Vadath valyachan. Since the inception of the organization of the church it has been doing a lot of church related activities in the gospel service, charitable activities and rendering various services to the church in the fulfillness¬† of the aim and objectives of the parish church.¬† ¬†