Sunday School

                  St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Sunday school was started in the year 1938. Under the leadership of the vicar vadathvalyachn and some fore fathers. When MalankaraJacobite Syrian Sunday School Association ( M.J.S.S.A )¬† was formed in 1974 the Sunday school was affiliated to it and the affiliation no. is 303. In the beginning¬† of the Sunday school was a part of neeramukal and when the poothrikka district was formed in 1966 it was brought under it. Since then it has been functioning as an active member of Poothrikka district in the Kandanadu diocese. Mr. A. Kuriakose sir has been serving the Sunday school as its headmaster for the past 64 years. The sunday school has classes from 1st standard to 12th 136 students are studying and 24 teachers dedicatedly working